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CRYPTOVOIP Technologies focuses on VoIP software development, VoIP testing tools and services, custom software design and implementation. CRYPTOVOIP provides software development services for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Our VoIP products core engines are written in C/C++ to provide best reliabilty and performance. Our versatile and highly experienced testing team provides testing services for the VoIP products like capacity testing, performance testing, use case testings , etc.

CRYPTOVOIP Anti-Block Tunnel solution called EP Tunnel bypass any firewall and blockage in VoIP Blocked areas. EP Tunnel uses state of art compression and encryption algorithms to make it most secure and fast among all the Encryption SIP Proxies available.

CRYPTOVOIP SIP based VoIP Dialers for Windows desktop, iPhone and Android mobile that uses network connection to make and receive calls. CRYPTOVOIP incorporates advanced encryption techniques for secure call signaling and audio encryption. CRYPTOVOIP Dialers with CRYPTOVOIP EP Tunnel is the best combination to make VoIP Solution to work seamlessly in VoIP Blocked areas.

CRYPTOVOIP is constantly improving its products, quickly responding to the needs and suggestions of established customer base. The quality of our products and technical support is greatly appreciated by our customers.

Our solutions solve traditional business problems using advanced technology. We constantly strive to improve the way companies around the world do business, helping them reduce costs, expand their reach, and maximize efficiency for a direct impact on their bottom line.

Our potent combination of technology and services is supported by strategic alliances with other innovative companies. Together with our partners, CRYPTOVOIP is opening the door to the next generation of global communication.

Three core values underlie the strength of our company:

Innovation > expanding the boundaries of VoIP and telephony

Dedication > our commitment to our customers

Creativity > the driving force behind our success

These core values fuel CRYPTOVOIP's efforts to make our vision of better communication a reality, and lay the groundwork for the lasting relationships we nurture with customers and partners. Moreover, these values are the qualities we prize in the people who make up the CRYPTOVOIP team.

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Latest News

WebRTC based VoIP Web Dialer is launched. WebRTC based web dialers works on all web browsers irrespective of platform. It works on all major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla on Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux, etc. The beauty of WebRTC Web dialer is that no plugins or executable is required. It is just easy that open the page and make audio and video calls from your browser from anywhere to everywhere. For demo please click WebRTC Web Dialer.

Mobile Operators like DU Networks, Etisalat, Orange, SFR, etc in Gulf, Oman, UAE, France, Bangladesh and other 23 countries are blocking VoIP to retain the revenue by conventional GSM communications. CRYPTOVOIP EP Tunnel surpass all these blockages and VoIP is working seamlessly with our VoIP Anti Blocking system.

How ISPs in France and Gulf blocks VoIP a case study ...

CRYPTOVOIP Tunnel solves UDP/ Bandwidth throttling done by ISPs in Gulf, Oman, UAE and other VoIP Blocked Areas. To make VoIP communication poor on mobile internet connections Mobile Operators in VoIP blocked areas has done UDP throttling which limits bandwidth on UDP on VoIP calls like only 3kbps on UDP. CRYPTOVOIP TUNNEL dynamic transport selection feature bypass this limitation and VoIP works without any issue with CRYPTOVOIP EP Tunnel Solution.