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Secure ODC: An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is generally engaged for developing, testing, and deploying software solutions and applications offshore. This is your dedicated team sitting at an offshore facility. We have a highly skilled team with very good infrastructure in very competitive rates in the market. We have implemented the idea of secure ODC. Secure ODC means we does not disclose any of the project confidential information to anybody. We are also leading the idea transformation outsourcing. In transformation outsourcing we have a portal for our offshore team where they can put any value creation idea where our customer can see those idea can be a value to them. We provide the following outsourcing services:

Product Development and Maintenance : We work on required software development life cycle and methodology like Waterfall Model, Agile, etc. We respect SLAs, timeliness and quality of delivery.

Product Testing services: We provide the offshore testing services. Our testing team designs all use case testing for the product or new feature. We help in capacity testing and bench marking.

Capacity testing and bench marking are important steps as when company launches or buy any product then a company wants to knows its full capacity. We generate the full load or real time load over a time and finds the limit till where it goes very good. Some example of our capacity testing and bench marking services are our testing team generated a large number of voice and video calls on a SIP Servers and PBXs to see final limits and provided the bench marking for them. It is also performance testing and helps our customer in every release to know how much their product performance increased.

Another testing service we provide is coverage testing. Our testing team analyses any product that how much standard it follows for interoperability with other companies products. Like we can do the coverage testing of SIP Softphone to know how much RFC 3261 it covers and helps it to work with any RFC 3261 SIP Server.

We can deploy our testing and development engineers on-site as per customer and project needs.

NOC (Network Operations Center)

VoIP NOC Available for 24X7 Support!!!!

We have highly skilled staff of network engineers to manage our customer's NOC. We manage VoIP NOC for Traffic Monitoring, escalation, troubleshooting and configuration support, etc. Our team is available 24X7 or as per customer requirements. By outsourcing your NOC save money while gaining flexibility. Currently running 50 lines and 100+ NOC Engineers are available.

VoIP Consulting

Helping you choose the best VoIP solution for you and your business VoIP can be a practical, modern solution to replace your current PBX system. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the general term for the transmission of voice communications over the Internet. By using the IP instead of traditional phone dialtone, VoIP often offers a significant cost savings over normal long distance and international rates, and provides a host of features not available with traditional telephone services.

Features include voicemail to email, where voicemails are emailed to you as a .wavfile, allowing you to access them from a mobile device or computer; and unified messaging and find-follow, which lets you instruct your phone to ring another number (such as a cell phone) if you do not answer your desk phone. VoIP phone systems also include auto-attendant, ring groups and hunt groups, and allow for a variety of call routing configurations.

At CRYPTOVOIP, we can help you understand its vast capabilities and, more importantly, help you determine if VoIP technology makes sense for your business. Contact one of our system experts today.

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CRYPTOVOIP Technologies expertise in open source based software development. We are expert in PJSIP, CSipSimple, Linphone, Freeswitch, Kamailio, RTPProxy, RTPEngine, MediaProxy-ng, Asterisk, TURN Servers, WebRTC, SIPML5, Doubango, etc.

CRYPTOVOIP Technologies ODC (Offshore Development Center) teams expertise in Mobile Application development in iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Web development including WebRTC technologies. High grade servers development, deployment and maintenance. Our highly skilled resources are expert in any type of Software development.

CRYPTOVOIP Technologies ODC follows high standard of Software Delivery with latest tools and technologies like CVS, SVN, GIT and other code repositories. Latest Bug Tracking and Project Management tools and technologies. Our ODC Infrastructure is leveraged with all latest tools and facilities required to make the Offshore development Secure and Agile.