CRYPTOVOIP Anti-Block Tunnel solution called EP Tunnel bypass any firewall and blockage in VoIP Blocked areas. EP Tunnel uses state of art compression and encryption algorithms to make it most secure and fast among all the Encryption SIP Proxies (VoIP Tunnels) available.

EP Tunnel is like a SIP and Media Proxy Server which encrypts and compresses SIP and RTP packets in VoIP Blocked areas. SIP Dialers send all the signalling and media packets through our Tunnel Server. Our tunnel Server then decrypts the arrived packets and send them to SIP Servers or Softswitch of customers. So customers does not need to change his existing sip servers and billing system to provide VoIP Services in blocked areas. The only change required is at Dialers side, they need to use our dialers. We customize our VoIP dialers with customer images, requirements and brand.

In case if customer does not want to use our SIP based VoIP Dialers. We can also provide SIP Dialers side patch. When this patch is applied in Dialers source code then it encrypts and compress the outgoing SIP and RTP packets as desired. Also there are some SIP Settings need to be done in Dialers to send the encrypted packets via the EP Tunnel Server. Once patch is applied customer's client side software start working in VoIP Blocked areas.

Our EP Tunnel solution is very flexible and easy to integrate in existing SIP Infrastructure to provide high quality services in short time. We have cheapest and most effective VoIP Anti Block Solution in Market.

  • Transparent and Seamless Integration > No need for any SIP Infrastructure change and router upgrades. Your native SIP Servers and Billing system will work with it without any change.
  • Low latency > Does not add jitter or delay to your VoIP communication Services.
  • Quick to install and easy to manage > Will not disrupt network or application performance.
  • Excellent voice quality without any latency and performance compromise.
  • Works with your existing VoIP servers. The tunneling server is using the standard SIP protocol (all major RFC's and drafts) and has proven compatibility with all existing devices on the market.
  • Work with any ITSP and service provider.
  • Works with any VoIP server (Voipswitch, PortaBilling, Asterisx, Trixbox, Cisco, Freeswitch, etc).
  • Fast Startup > Start using our VoIP Anti Block Solution in few minutes after contacting us. No changes are needed in your existing infrastructure except patching your existing SIP Phones in case if you does not want to use our SIP based VoIP Dialers which can be customized as per your company brand.
  • Perfect Solution for well-known NAT issues > Apart from making VoIP communication possible in VoIP blocked areas. EP Tunnel have many benefits like NAT Traversal, acts like a Media Proxy, etc. In several conditions of network topology traditional VoIP calls are associated with several problems like one side voice issues, no voice either side issues, Call unreachable behind NAT/ firewall, etc. EP Tunnel resolves all these issues and enhances the quality of your VoIP calls and network.
  • No quality loss > EP Tunnel is so designed that all the negative impacts of traditional VPN solutions are bypassed.
  • Solution can be customized according to business requirement of Customer
EP Tunnel benefits can be availed by following ways:
  • OP CODE : This is the cheapest and fastest way of availing our EP Tunnel Services. In this mode customer is provided an OPCODE. Customer subscribers use this OPCODE in our VOIP Dialers to make calls in VoIP Blocked areas. An OPCODE of 50 channels cost 50 USD/ month and 80 USD for 100 Channels OPCODE. Free demo OPCODE can be obtained by writing to
  • Dedicated EP Tunnel Server: In this mode EP Tunnel is installed on Customer's Server. Customers can provide us their dedicated Servers for EP Tunnel installation. We can also help customers to find some very good data centers for dedicated servers on rent. In this model we charge per machine installation. Customers have option to keep maintenance and support of these servers with them or with our NOC team. EP Tunnel supports up to 8000 simulteous voice call sessions per machine. For price and other inquiries please contact
  • Complete EP Tunnel Solution along with Source Code: Some customers are interested to buy complete EP Tunnel Solution with source code. For price and other inquiries please contact

We try to cater every need of our customer. We can customise our EP Tunnel according to any valid requirement. For such needs and requirements please do write us at

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Latest News

Cryptovoip EP Tunnel source code is now open for sale. Contact sales for quote.

Cryptovoip launched EP Tunnel VoIP Anti Block Solution rental services. Hurry !!! service starts from 50 USD only. Please contact sales for demo.

Mobile Operators like DU Networks, Etisalat, Orange, SFR, etc in Gulf, Oman, UAE, France, Bangladesh and other 23 countries are blocking VoIP to retain the revenue by conventional GSM communications. CRYPTOVOIP EP Tunnel surpass all these blockages and VoIP is working seamlessly with our VoIP Anti Blocking system.

How ISPs in France and Gulf blocks VoIP a case study ...

CRYPTOVOIP Tunnel solves UDP/ Bandwidth throttling done by ISPs in Gulf, Oman, UAE and other VoIP Blocked Areas. To make VoIP communication poor on mobile internet connections Mobile Operators in VoIP blocked areas has done UDP throttling which limits bandwidth on UDP on VoIP calls like only 3kbps on UDP. CRYPTOVOIP TUNNEL dynamic transport selection feature bypass this limitation and VoIP works without any issue with CRYPTOVOIP EP Tunnel Solution.