Multi-Platform WebRTC SIP Web Dialer. We are very proud to announce, successful launch of fully working Multi-Platform WebRTC SIP Dialer, that works together with all SIP based VoIP Softswitches and Billing systems.

WebRTC SIP Dialer use SIP protocol for siganalling and WebRTC for Media. It works on all major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla. It works on any device with Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Windows, MAC, Linux, etc. Most important part of WebRTC SIP Web dialer is that no plugins or executable is required to run it.

The good part of CryptoVoIP web dialer is that it does not require websockets or webrtc support in SIP Servers or Softswitch. It works with any existing SIP infrastructure seamlessly. CryptoVoIP WebRTC SIP Proxy converts all WebRTC websockets communication to legacy SIP and RTP before coming to your SIP Network. To explain this point we need to know challenges in bridging WebRTC with SIP endpoints.

Firstly, mobile dialers are usually SIP based with RTP for media transport. WebRTC does not define the signaling path at all. To interwork with SIP, a protocol translation has to be employed through a Web to SIP gateway which translates commands sent over a web based communication channel (for example, Web sockets) to a server which converts them to SIP.

CryptoVoIP WebRTC SIP Proxy converts all SIP Signalling sent from web dialer over websockets to plain SIP over TCP/ UDP transport.

Secondly for RTP, the browser implementation allows only encrypted RTP, i.e. SRTP; so, this is another challenge which is met by WebRTC SIP Proxy. CryptoVoIP SIP Proxy converts SRTP to normal RTP audio and video streams.

Our WebRTC SIP Dialer also supports encryption mode which makes it to work in all SIP Blocked countries as well.

For demo please click WebRTC Web Dialer.
Requirements for Demo :
  • SIP Server IP or Domain name of SIP Server or Switch.
  • SIP Account with Username and Password.
Please Note :
  • If you have successfully tested our demo and you know it works with your system, please drop us a line and we will add that system to our the list.
  • SIP settings may vary with each provider, please contact us in case it does not work for you. We will help you with doing required settings.
  • We provide full customization of this product with your images and company labels.
  • We also do customizations according to business requirement of Customers. Click to Dial is a simple Call Now button on websites by pressing which users can call customer's support and sales. We do help in building such websites by configuring SIP Accounts with Web based Click to Call.

If you are interested in purchasing this product please fill out our form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

We also welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can make the product better.

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WebRTC based VoIP Web Dialer is launched. WebRTC based web dialers works on all web browsers irrespective of platform. It works on all major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla on Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux, etc. The beauty of WebRTC Web dialer is that no plugins or executable is required. It is just easy that open the page and make audio and video calls from your browser from anywhere to everywhere. For demo please click WebRTC Web Dialer.